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When coding is done with pleasure

happy code is being born and our clients will surely be pleased.

Our main field of expertise is building custom websites using php as technology. We discovered one year ago that we love augmented reality and we had to learn to build iOS apps and Android apps in order to bring reality into the virtual reality.

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Upward International is the international division of Upward Brand Interactions, a fully-integrated interactive marketing agency group that helps brands thrive in traditional and digital environments.

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We give life to art being delivered to us by very talented designers.

No matter if it's art for websites, mobile apps or who knows what other device may want to be programmed, we will gladly take on the challenge.

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If you like the word Drupal, then you are in the right place. We have only built this website you're browsing because we wanted to gain a little more experience into the 8th version of Drupal.


We currently have 2 apps live on the App Store, and they're both augmented reality apps. It's been so much fun that we can't wait to build new ones.


We've been partnering up with some very talented designers and the result can be seen by browsing our website or contacting us for more examples.

Custom Integrations

If your web or mobile app needs to integrate with 3rd party software, we can help out. We've been helping our clients with Salesforce, Pardot, Act On, Hubspot, Click Dimensions integration and more.

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We don't want to bore you with geeky stuff, but we need a place to add more content for our website.

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