Drupal Certifications

We've built a fair share of Drupal websites

but if we need a fast way of proving we're competent, certifications is the way.

Nowadays, more and more clients choose to invest most of their time and resources into making sure they collaborate with developers that are able to make their website look good. Unfortunately, in most cases the functionality part of the website gets overlooked or neglected by the average developers. The outcome of this approach is that the clients get a pretty-looking website with a lot of dynamic content that ends up performing poorly and causing problems in the future.

This problem can easily be solved by using the perfect tools, by having the right mindset and by being open-minded about your approach to developing the ideal website. Our team at Upward International uses a state-of-the-art content-management framework named Drupal which allows us to ensure that your website is both highly appealing and performs at its best capacity.

After learning everything there is to learn about turning a regular website into the key asset to any business, our team at Upward International, acquired the Acquia Certification in Drupal 8 development. This way, Upward International can prove that its developers are qualified and eager to take on any request when it comes to website development.

Contact us now and find out how your website can benefit from using the Drupal CMS!